Forum, Network and Resource for the Challenges of an Aging Society

Forum, Network and Resource for the Challenges of an Aging Society

What does it take to be 'at home with growing older'?

The challenges of growing older require active inquiry. AHWGO is a group of multi-disciplinary professionals who have come together to re-envision the aging experience. We present monthly events with top-notch speakers on a wide variety of topics. Use our resources to look beyond your own discipline, both for your professional work and your personal aging decisions. Take advantage of our collective experience as you create environments that support people as they age.

Next Events

Growing Up – Growing Older

Growing Up – Growing Older

September 30, 6pm to 8pm
Box Office Opens Beginning of September
Destiny Arts, 970 Grace Ave

Discover similarities, shared secrets, laughs, challenges and  triumphs, big and small in the experience of growing up and growing older. We will tell stories and actors will ‘play them back’ to us. This event is being hosted by Destiny Arts and realized by the actors of Playback Theatre.

Tickets available at

Playback Theatre is a well known Berkeley Improv Theater Group that ‘plays back’ personal stories from the audience, in ways that reflect and illuminate the original story. Destiny Arts is a veteran Oakland youth organization that exists to end isolation, prejudice and violence in the lives of young people through teaching performance and martial arts to youth 3-18.


Of Interest

Love and Grief – June 8, 6:30pm to 8:30pm

An evening hosted by Redwing Keyssar, Director of the Palliative Care Program at the JFCS in San Francisco. Redwing talked and practiced palliative care before most everybody else. This should be a great evening! Sign up at

Design x Technology + Medicine = Embolden Bodies

Design x Technology + Medicine = Embolden Bodies

Something we have been talking at AHWGO becomes more of a reality through 3D printing. The designers and architects Charles and Ray Eames brought design many years ago into medicine but somehow this marriage was suspended until just now.  Ted Talk illustrates possibilities.

The Architecture of Palliative Care

Thirteen architecture students from Kansas State University visited the Bay Area at the beginning of November. Their Professor is Susanne Siepl-Coates who for years has been leading the charge in teaching design studios that address the architecture of care, health and universal design. This year her students are tasked with a design proposal for a palliative care facility on the campus of Mills College.

AHWGO hosted a learning forum for the students, inviting practitioners from architecture and social services to engage with students about their projects.

This is what students had to say about their experience in their newsletter:

As a highlight of the trip, the students were invited by the bay-area-based forum ‘At Home with Growing Old(er)’ [AHWGO] in Berkeley to present initial design ideas/visions and to engage in a dialogue with a group of interdisciplinary hospice professionals and academics.


A Home For All Ages

A Home For All Ages

A Home For All Ages gives us the option to live longterm in our home if we choose to do so.  In her recent keynote speech at the Avenidas Housing Conference Susanne Stadler emphasized that it is time for personal activism in our own homes. Setting the right priorities is key in making one’s home safe and delightful. We can build on the hard won baseline of accessibility, think of our homes as adaptable ‘beings’ (this should be a balanced relationship – not just us adapting to a home that has smaller and bigger inconveniences!) and make them livable for all ages. See more:  A Home For All Ages