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2 Women, 2 Stories: Aging with Power, Grace and Humor

2 Women, 2 Stories: Aging with Power, Grace and Humor

November 15, 2018
Ed Roberts Campus


THE TAKEAWAY: What’s What Productions presented 2 Women, 2 Stories —Two solo performances about the trials and tribulations of aging, such as menopause, care-taking older parents and all the funny and moving moments that happen along the way.

In What’s Wrong with a Mouse? Vicki works to heal a 20-year rift with her father, who disowned her for being queer. As Vicki cares for her father during his final days, she travels back in time with humor and heart.

In What’s My Age Again? Merry travels through the unknown terrain of peri-menopause introducing her grandmother, mother, and daughters through hilarious and poignant stories, that range from stand-up comedy to self-revelatory performance.

We would like to thank our forum sponsors, venue sponsor, the Ed Roberts Campus, and our premier season sponsors, the Rhoda Goldman Plaza and the Stupski Foundation.

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