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June 1, 2019
9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Ed Roberts Campus
Berkeley, CA

The AGE-IN will be a daylong event to celebrate our 10th year of engaging the community at large with a day of cross-generational learning on aging – with excellence, integrity, imagination, and delight

The AGE-IN will be modeled after the Teach-Ins of the 60s – peer-to-peer teaching and learning across generations and disciplines rather than in the hierarchical order of a teacher/student relationship. These methods of exchange will lead to exploring imaginative solutions together through storytelling, facilitated table conversations, and learning circles.

Setting the Tone: Ed Reed, Bay Area Jazz Singer and Educator

Learning Circles:
Design: Lisa Carroll (Visual Artist & Educator), Ricardo Gomes (Industrial Design Professor at SFSU), Susanne Stadler (Architect)

Digital World: Members of the Center for Accessible Technology

Social Justice: Jarmin Yeh (Assistant Professor at UCSF), Nicolas DiCarlo (Psychotherapist), Talia Davidow (Lead Social Worker at LifeLong Medical Care)

A full list of Speakers and Presenters will be announced later this month.

Join us and leave invigorated by diverse perspectives and being connected to thought-leaders and community members from different disciplines.

Coffee, pastries, and lunch will be served.

Buy your tickets online.

We would like to thank Lead Sponsor, Rhoda Goldman Plaza, our event sponsors, Center for Accessible Technology, Community Living Campaign, Rhoda Goldman Plaza, Avenidas, Resin and Stadler Arch, and our dedicated volunteers for making this event possible.

Please help us make this an inclusive event, accessible to all by donating here to support this advantageous ticket price. 

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