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Age In Poster Competition

Age In Poster Competition

At Home With Growing Older (AHWGO) a nonprofit Bay Area learning initiative on aging, run by a group of boldly interdisciplinary professionals, from designers to social service professionals. We are pleased to invite submissions for a commemorative Poster Design Competition for our 10-year anniversary of radical thinking about aging.

About the Competition

Topic: Don’t Trust Anyone Over 60!

The competition is open to students in Graphic Arts, Arts, or Architecture over the age of 18. The topic is a riff on a slogan popular in the 1960s “Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30” became synonymous for the distrust between students and the establishment. Those students are now seniors and find themselves on “the other side.” Even though life transitions have become more fluid, older age is still an “outlier” and something we rather not talk or think about. Participants are invited to fast forward to their own older age and reflect upon their self-image at this point in life.

You can read more about the competition here

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