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From Paris Cafe Music to Memory Care

From Paris Cafe Music to Memory Care

October 15, 6 pm to 8pm
Francis of Assisi Residence
145 Guerrero Street, San Francisco

We need a revolution in dementia care. People with forgetfulness should have the opportunity to participate in life outside their homes and to reconnect with their own selves. Odile Lavault does just that through her music. She is an accomplished musician and has played all over the world, in cafes, at street theatres and carnivals. Now she cares for seniors with memory loss and sensory limitations. The certificates she holds, Recreation Therapist and Certified Validation Teacher do not really fit her job description. She has developed a unique way of using music to communicate, guide and delight her patients. Through observing and listening with empathy she provides individual answers to “What to say?” and “What to do?”. She will share her work and insights.

Learn more about Odile’ s way of thinking  through her blog –


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