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June 1, 2019
9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Ed Roberts Campus
Berkeley, CA

The AGE-IN will be a daylong event to celebrate our 10th year of engaging the community at large with a day of cross-generational learning on aging – with excellence, integrity, imagination, and delight

Modeled after the Teach-Ins of the 60s, learn about shifting the perspective on aging with a day of learning across generations and disciplines

Choose between 3 Learning Circles:

Social Justice: Discussing and introducing the concept of an ‘Emancipatory’ Gerontology – a tool that informs both direct services and the ways consumers and patients advocate for themselves and their communities. (Nicholas DiCarlo,Therapist/Author, Jarmin Yeh, Assistant Professor USCF, Talia Davidow, Over 60 Health Center)

Technology: How not to age-out of the ever-changing digital tool-rich world we live in? Explore differences between physical and digital world thinking and ways to become fearless in the digital world. (Team members of Center for Accessible Technology, Laurie Sanchez, Community Tech Network)

Design: Nature, architecture, day-to-day tools – they all play a role in keeping us connected. Get engaged in the creative process of shaping your own world as you grow older. (Lisa Carroll, Artist, Ricardo Gomes, Professor of Design SFSU, Susi Stadler, Architect, ED At Home With Growing Older)

Facilitated table conversations over a great lunch table! Connect with thought leaders and professionals in design, social justice, and technology

Light breakfast, lunch and birthday cake included!

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We would like to thank Lead Sponsor, Rhoda Goldman Plaza, our Event Sponsors, Center for Accessible Technology, Community Living Campaign, Rhoda Goldman Plaza, Avenidas, Resin Advertising and Scott & Warner Builders, Inc. and our dedicated volunteers for making this event possible.

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