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Our Bodies Ourselves

Our Bodies Ourselves

November 19, 2015 6 pm to 8pm
Ed Roberts Campus (Koret Conference Room)
3075 Adeline Street, Berkeley
(Across from the Ashby Bart Station)

We hold two simultaneously different and irreconcilable images of aging: the vibrant senior who cruises and plays golf daily or the helpless aging person who is sick, dependent, and helpless.  Actually, 95% of seniors are neither of these stereotypes.  How do we adjust to our bodies as they change and deal with chronic illness as well as stay active and independent?  We will start by viewing a documentary on the Senior Olympics and then discuss the issues presented on our changing sense of self as our bodies work for us or betray us. This forum is facilitated by Donna Schempp, LCSW, co-leader at AHWGO.

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