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Age-In Poster Competition

At Home With Growing Older (AHWGO) is a nonprofit Bay Area learning initiative on aging, run by a group of boldly interdisciplinary professionals, from designers to social service professionals. We are pleased to invite submissions for a commemorative Poster Design Competition for our 10-year anniversary of radical thinking about aging.








The competition is open to all undergraduate and master’s students in the Bay Area in Graphic Arts, Arts, or Architecture, or graduates early in these areas early in their careers. The topic is a riff on a slogan popular in the 1960s “Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30,” which became synonymous for the distrust between students and the establishment. Those students are now seniors and find themselves on “the other side.” Even though life transitions have become more fluid, older age is still an “outlier” and something we rather not talk or think about. Participants are invited to fast forward to their own older age and reflect upon their self-image at this point in life.


Registration Deadline: April 8, 2019 at midnight PDT
Deadline for entries: April 30, 2019 at midnight PDT
Winners Announced: May 7, 2019
Awards Ceremony: June 1, 2019

Online Registration Form

Before submitting your design, please make sure your artwork complies with our Conditions for Entry.

Winning categories and prize money

Gold: $700
Silver: $400
Bronze: $200

Exhibition: There will be an exhibition of the three prize winners at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, a publicly accessible space, from June 2019 until such time as agreed by the Ed Roberts Campus. At Home With Growing Older shall print and mount copies of winning entries at their own expense. Additional Artwork from Honorable Mention awardees may also be printed, for display purposes, at the discretion of At Home With Growing Older. In addition, the winners and Honorable Mention awardees will be presented on our Instagram account and on Facebook.

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