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Retiring Retirement

Retiring Retirement

November 17, 6pm to 8pm
Ed Roberts Campus, Berkeley

A memorable evening – an informed presentation stirs an amazing, thoughtful, interdisciplinary discussion on retirement, the meaning of ‘old’, change, the seductive powers of anxiety and fear, the role of play throughout life, poverty, time affluence.

Thank you all for contributing to our mutual learning!

The following quote by Ruth Finkelstein is fitting for this evening:
“Currently, retirement is like crossing the rubicon — from being a person to only being. I’d like to change that so that employers value the skills, experience and knowledge of older employees and make it possible for them to work on their own terms. And that there is a whole universe of opportunity on the other side of retirement — entailing learning and contributing and leading. And that we value people whatever they decide to do.”

Thank you Erin for leading this evening!Here is a link to the two studies, Erin quoted from:

Audio Recording will follow!

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