Forum, Network and Resource for the Challenges of an Aging Society


At Home With Growing Old(er), AHWGO, is a nonprofit network that brings together professionals, academics, and activists to explore what it takes to provide services, infrastructure, and homes that meet the needs and desires of an aging population. We are part of a growing movement that promotes integrated solutions, especially those focusing on the home and its context, rather than an institutional environment, as the major contributor to healthy aging.

AHWGO sponsors monthly events, offers workshops and consultations for being “at home with growing older”. We serve individuals, organizations, corporations, cities and neighborhoods.


AHWGO was founded in 2009 by an architect and social worker and started as an interdisciplinary discussion group to gather professionals, thinkers, activists, and academics interested in more deeply considering the tremendous challenge to “growing old” with more information, awareness, and pro-active inquiry.


Join in our efforts and participate in our monthly forums in the Bay Area, on the 1st Thursday of month.

Connect with others who are interested in interdisciplinary perspectives, from social workers and architects to attorneys and city planners – anyone interested in a thoughtful conversation about aging.

Present at our monthly forums. Many of our presenters become active members, and benefit professionally and personally from the exchange. We welcome suggestions for topics and presenters.



Here is how you can support this movement:

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Connect us with others who are interested in interdisciplinary perspectives and solutions.