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Design Without Limits:  The Art of Creating Beautiful, Accessible Homes

Design Without Limits: The Art of Creating Beautiful, Accessible Homes

January 10, 2019
Ed Roberts Campus 

THE TAKEAWAY: Design for accessibility benefits us every day in public life, from curb cuts to stair rails to wider doors. In the realm of the private home, it is mostly shunned because accessibility has gotten a bad rap. It’s often associated with stainless steel grab bars, utilitarian roll-in showers, clunky stair lifts, and other institutional images. But this isn’t necessary. Wheelchair-riding architect Erick Mikiten, AIA discussed the importance of a design-first approach to accessibility, which makes these features welcomed rather than feared and gives people of different abilities and ages the option to live in their homes long term.

As a Governor-appointed California Building Standards Commissioner, Erick Mikiten also gave an overview of the differences between the ADA, the building code, and Universal Design as they relate to single-family homes.

Check out these 10 ideas for a great accessible home.

Mikiten 10 Great UD Ideas

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