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Thank You for Helping AHWGO Grow

We thank all of our donors for validating  and supporting the work we do. The following list is comprised of those who made an annual financial contribution in 2017. It does not include the names of participants in our monthly forums who make a donation when registering for a forum and donations by board members. AHWGO has 100% board participation in giving. .

Donor Names

Joan Amonette
Janet Beatty
Natasha Boissier
Titus Brenninkmeijer
Barbara Broque
Denise Byrne
Susannah Cafardi
Susie Colvier
Clare Cooper Marcus
Carroll Estes
Charlene Depner
Kathy Downing
Sarah Dulaney
Ken and Maddy Dychtwald
Lynette Evans
Nancy Friedman
Don Keller
Grace Lee
Patrick Lin
Andrzej Lubowski
Elinore and Larry Lurie
Beth MacLeod
Dan McDonald
Kathryn Orsini
Elyse Pellman
Susan Perkins
Susan Poor
Peter Reiling
Barbara Kate Repa
Susanne Revutsky
Carol Rothman
Monica Salusky
Diane Sanchez
Janice Schwartz
Patricia Schwinn
Chris and Mark Silverstein