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Welcome to our ‘At Home, On Air’ library! We are pleased to be able to continue offering connection, community and knowledge to our participants remotely. You can find information about upcoming episodes on our ‘Next Forums’ page.

A Conversation With Louise Aronson and Mikiko Huang

We are allowing adults to make decisions about their risk, and yet not giving elders the same right to make a decision…We are stripping people of agency. This is basically a human and civil rights violation. We need to give people the information. Based on my patients and friends, people will make different choices.”

A Conversation With Elizabeth Fishel and Charlene Depner

“The ritual of nesting into a new house and location helped all these writers and women retrench and start over.” 
“Significantly, the relocation helped provide redirection and a renewal of artistic energy.”

A Conversation With Carla Perissinotto and Amber Carroll

“We are in the middle of a study in this pandemic. We are seeing worse in loneliness, worse in depression, worse in anxiety, trouble accessing medication, trouble accessing care givers.”

A Conversation With Kari Rogenski & Katie Wade 

“Vocational quality of life is about a person’s ongoing contribution to society. Age is not a factor. All humans have a right to contribute to society. Vocational qualities of life are about meaning and purpose.”

A Conversation With Emily Kaiser Thelin

“[This biography] It was a love letter to Paula’s love. She cared so much and taught me so much about the value of paying attention, of noticing details. Life is a series of details and the closer you can pay attention to details, the richer your life will be. Even if you forget all on the other side of it – they add up, they pile up.”

A Conversation With Ashton Applewhite and Tiffany Yu

‘Moving Toward Pride: What an Anti-ageism Movement can learn from Disability Pride’

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A Conversation With Anne Basting, author, teacher, artist

Anne Basting on care-giving: “We need to bring creativity back into the micro-moments of  our every day life… Everyone is a caregiver — to family, friends, neighbors, especially during this pandemic”

A Conversation With Clark Kellogg, designer, writer, innovator and teacher

Clark Kellogg on curiosity: “We have to adopt the traveler’s mindset – when we go to a new country, we have to be very curious learning everything as we go. That curiosity allows us to not be making judgements but inventing our way forward, in every step navigating.”

A Conversation With Valerie Fletcher, the Executive Director of the Institute for Human Centered Design

“Universal design is an important tool – it’s really about the context of our lives. What we do, those of us who design, are designing a context for life. Design is a social art. It is always about people. Part of what we are always talking about is the ordinariness of difference among we humans.”

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A Conversation With Aging in Place Expert, Louis Tenenbaum

Louis Tenenbaum on the home “People are rediscovering homes now as the ‘safe’ place. The time has come to offer programs that incentivize stakeholders, from builders to homeowners to home supply stores to prepare homes to serve their residents throughout their lifespan.”

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