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How To Provide Human-Centered Care To Older Adults?

How To Provide Human-Centered Care To Older Adults?

September 5, 2017
Ed Roberts Campus 

THE TAKEAWAY: As people live longer, the chances of having multiple chronic conditions, disabilities and different degrees of memory impairment increase, making community based, human-centered, integrated/coordinated care models more needed than ever. This forum is a candid exploration of what is and what should be and brings together the perspectives of  healthcare delivery, community based models and medical care. Presenters are Bob Edmondson,consultant, former CEO of OnLok and current board member of John Muir Health, Andrew Scharlach, Eugene and Rose Kleiner Professor of Aging and Director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services at UC Berkeley, Dr. Ken Covinsky, Professor of Medicine, UCSF

AHWGO September 5th Panel from Susanne Stadler on Vimeo.

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