Forum, Network and Resource for the Challenges of an Aging Society

Our Impact

Interdiscplinary Learning Forums:

Since 2009 more than 2000 people have attended over 70 forums.

2017 Survey Findings:

1. How have you personally and professionaly benefitted from AHWGO interdisciplinary learning forums ?

DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES that reflect diverse viewpoints on aging; exposure to new ideas and thought leaders
NEW, RELEVANT CONTENT, e.g. design, senior housing, integrated care, medical treatments
SOCIAL CONNECTIONS, e.g. new and interesting people, hearing others stories
PERSONAL GROWTH, e.g. feeling re-energized, learning, feeling supported and inspired
INSPIRED TO ACTION, e.g. home modifications; empathy; awareness of the aging process
PROFESSIONAL NETWORK expanded and strengthened, including other professionals in the field and speakers
DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES / DISCIPLINES, many say value of hearing others’ ideas
INTERDISCIPLINARY KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER learn from other fields, e.g. healthcare, policy, community resources, formal care
INTERDISCIPLINARY COLLABORATION, e.g. talking to others to help me solve work-problems; gain info for clients
AWARENESS of tech, design, other interesting creative solutions out there; exposure to areas outside my expertise

2. How satisfied were you with AHWGO’s forums?


Aging 360 Workshops:

In 2017 AHWGO has successfully piloted participatory, creative workshops that  empower participants  to make changes to their homes that helps them to live better and therefore longer in their homes.

2017 Evaluations:

1. How was the Aging 360 workshop helpful to you ?









2. Did you learn about age-friendly designs?