Forum, Network and Resource to meet the challenges of an aging society

Forum, Network and Resource for the Challenges of an Aging Society



          Following our dreams, facing new

          challenges, earning wisdom, living

          life fully — in a word, aging.

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Our mission is to educate, inspire and connect people across
generations and disciplines to re‑envision and 
improve the experiences of later life in the context of their home.

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Hear from a few of our supporters – community partners, program participants and team members – who share their experience with our work, specifically in the context of our Aging 360 workshop.

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We are proud to be your host to At Home, On Air, a radio hour offering connection, community and knowledge to our participants remotely. 

Please enjoy listening to our array of previous conversations with experts across a variety of disciplines, which focus on improving the experience of aging.

You may find us by searching for ‘At Home, On Air’ wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Aging is a gift, a privilege, and an opportunity to reinforce our connection, initiate conversations, and establish community.

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Really thought-provoking, going beyond safety to making your home an ally and making it beautiful too.

Aging 360 Workshop Participant

Thank you for bringing together an extraordinary group of thoughtful and committed professionals focused on older adults as assets and improving their life quality.

AHWGO Guest Speaker

Saw my home differently and made some positive changes.

Aging 360 Workshop Participant

I work differently with clients as a result of things I have learned.

Forum Participant

The level of experience and commitment to aging issues and solutions is unmatched.

Glen Galaich, CEO Stupski Family Foundation, Forum Presenter

We all age. The information is relevant to everyone.

Forum Participant

The conversation with the panelists allowed for each of us to tell our unique story.

Sherri Hayes Sawyer, Forum Panelist

I wish it was not finished. I would come to the workshop every week.

Aging 360 Workshop Participant

The desire to live/stay in your own home is always a priority.

Aging 360 Workshop Participant

Very powerful to hear personal stories — loved all the panelists. They offered complimentary perspectives.

Forum Participant

When I first started going, I came for my parents. Now that I'm 70, I'm interested in what can benefit me, and my friends.

Pat Schwinn, Attendee, AHWGO Programs since 2012

It’s a great organization for learning things you can do to help yourself or help others.

Pat Schwinn, Attendee, AHWGO Programs since 2012

AHWGO brings people together to talk about things that people aren't talking about in such an interdisciplinary way….It's something that's different. You've got a real pearl there.

Cary Sweeney, Executive Director, University of California, Berkeley Retirement Center

Everyone needs the information in AHWGO’s Aging 360 curriculum. When else can you have access to an architect, an industrial designer, and a social worker all at once?

Patti Spaniak, SF Community Living Campaign

The Aging 360 workshop makes living in your house better and more important. As a result of COVID, people’s homes are now their world so it’s even more vital.

Marie Jobling, Executive Director, SF Community Living Campaign

Among others inputs, [I learned] that age can be the opportunity to strengthen our positions, with calm and patience.

At Home, On Air Audience Member

The framework is fabulous. Understanding 'aging as an extreme sport' and the 'delight factor' are, themselves, worth more than the price of admission

Aging 360 Workshop Participant

Something to Write Home About is our monthly resource letter featuring case studies and stories pulled from our 13 years of experience working in the aging field. Each edition will include practical tips for home remodel and adaptations geared towards empowering you to remain in your home as you age. 

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What does it take to be

at home with growing older?


We thrive when we are connected.

A woman sitting on a bed and looking out the window.
20% (8.6 million) age 65+ are at risk of being an ‘elder orphan,’ someone without a spouse, partner or child to care for them.

Source: AARP


We need
age-supportive homes.

A lever door handle.
A lever handle instead of a door knob can determine if somebody with arthritis can get in and out of a home. 9 out of 10 homes in America are not age-ready.

Source: Harvard University, Joint Center for Housing Studies, 2014


We deserve
design excellence
no matter what age.

A woman in a beret walking across the street using an assistive device.

Products for older adults are typically poorly executed and have a delight factor of ‘zero’.


We are continuing to implement a full program of tools and interventions to address the needs of our society & of individuals who are at home and growing older. And we are glad you are a part of our learning community of professionals & individuals building resources, making connections and reshaping our approach toward aging.

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