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Welcome to our Video Library, where you can view past forums, events, and featured videos. We would like to take the time to thank the production staff, volunteers, panelists featured and forum hosts for making this all possible. Enjoy!

“Growing Up, Growing Older”

Discovering similarities, shared secrets, laughs, challenges and triumphs, big and small, in the experience of growing up and growing older through improv theater. 

“Communal Living In Later Life”

We heard from various home sharing organizations about the possibilities for co-living in later life. We talked about the benefits, which aren’t only financial, but often social as well. 

“Modern Love”

This forum looked at the experience of the caregiver. We examined the ever-changing realities of loss and of learning, as well as supportive resources – both what is available and what should be available. In doing so, we hoped to gain a better understanding of the art of adapting and navigating relationships affected by dementia.

“Tech Support for Growing Older”

In this forum, we addressed:
How assistive and consumer technology are merging, in everything from hearing aids to smart speakers; How the internet has become a great benefit, but also a new tool for fraud, especially for older adults; How digital commerce platforms, such as Uber, Amazon, and Instacart, are changing how and where people are able to age in place; How robots and artificial intelligence are changing work and leisure for older adults


From models of delivering healthcare at home to on demand behavioral healthcare, emerging systems of healthcare delivery are changing the experience of clinicians and patients. This forum will explore how these new models work, how they may impact the aging experience and what the learning process may be for providers, patients, caregivers and healthcare systems on the whole.

“Maintaining and Building Community”

We all want community, and human connections help us to stay healthy. Yet for some of us it can be difficult to stay connected, especially in the later stages of life.
In this forum we explored:
  • what community means to us personally now and throughout life
  • what value society attaches to community, now and in the past
  • how we get ‘community’ (informally and through organizations)
  • how to rebuild or create community in later life

“Lifelong Homes: Resource & Ally”

 AHWGO invited AAA House ManagerRebuilding Together San Francisco and a local hardware store to look at the resources that help their clients to maintain the longterm livablity of their home. AHWGO contributed the lens of its Aging 360 program and toolbox.

“agein: Celebrating 10 Years of Our Diverse Learning Community”

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“Revolutions in Transportation”

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“Older Adults as Drivers of Innovation”

Hear from older adults and learn how they are continuing their careers and pursuing their passions as innovators and entrepreneurs here in the Bay Area.

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