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Next Online Workshop: Fall 2024

Brief Overview:

10:00 – 11:30 a.m. PST via Zoom

$120 for all 3 sessions | Scholarships Available

This 3-session workshop will be limited to 12 participants, and more details will be available closer to the workshop date.

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What is one thing you got out of this workshop?


“Thank you for this program! I’ve had this weighing on my mind and body for years.  These specific steps and support and knowing I’m not alone are immensely helpful! Now to get off my butt and do something!  ;-)”

Aging 360 Participant – OnLok Workshop

What is one thing you got out of this workshop?


“I walked away with an understanding of why principles of delight, connection and comfort/safety are important considerations as we grow older and adapt our environments. I can’t stop thinking about them and I think it’s because the homework exercises are making my rental apartment feel like an apartment home in a more personalized, age-friendly way.”

Aging 360 Participant

What age-friendly design means to you?

“Spaces that allow me to live throughout my life’s journey.”

Aging 360 Participant

Would you recommend this workshop to others?


“Yes! It provides just enough information for hands-on practice with feedback with a good class size. Susi personalizes her feedback so we learn from others.”

Aging 360 Participant

What age-friendly design means to you?

“Design that is safe and comfortable and adapts or remains so as you age.”

Aging 360 Participant

What is one thing you got out of this workshop?


“I can see the problems as workable, not simply overwhelming, still daunting, but I’ve got new tools, new eyes, and an attitude change. Not to mention good information.”

Aging 360 Participant

Would you recommend this workshop to others?


“I would very much recommend this to my friends who are dealing with eldercare. I think caregivers should also know about their own lifestyle enhancement.”

Aging 360 Participant

About Aging 360

At Home With Growing Older’s (AHWGO) Aging 360 is a workshop for groups and individuals who want to grow old in their home that teaches participants to see their home as a partner in wellbeing and empower them to adapt their home not only with safety, but also delight in mind. Aging 360 was developed by an architect, industrial designer, and social worker.

Our homes are ‘senior homes.’ Ninety eight percent of aging adults prefer to grow old in a private home while others do not have the option to move into a community designed especially for older adults. Growing old in one’s home means staying engaged in the community across generations and having the opportunity to make personal lifestyle choices for the later phases of life. While most people are interested in aging at home, they are often discouraged from planning ahead by a narrow perspective of age-friendly design.

Aging 360 empowers participants to plan ahead with a new perspective and approach to age-friendly design, one that is focused on the uniqueness of a person’s needs that goes beyond the standards of design for accessibility. At Home With Growing Older partners with nonprofits and for profit service organizations to bring Aging 360 to their members. We tailor Aging 360 to targeted audiences such as addressing specific socio-economic backgrounds and aligning with other organization’s programming.

About the Facilitators:

Susi Stadler

AHWGO Executive Director and Architect

Susi Stadler is an architect and social entrepreneur passionate about shifting the perspective on aging and an advocate for imaginative and human-centered design solutions for the later phase of life. For the past 20 years an important emphasis of her design work has been to provide sustainable design solutions for the complex needs of aging that allow people to age with safety and delight, at home and in the world.

Howard Thornton

AHWGO Board Member and Architect

Howard Thornton directed the Museum Store at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  Before that, he was a creative force at the Oakland Museum of California Store and involved in other endeavors such as being a founding partner of AERIAL, a seminal design store in San Francisco.  Howard is a licensed architect in California with an interest in age-friendly design that developed during his studies at Kansas State University.  Howard brings his knowledge of universal design and business experience in service to AHWGO.

Katherine Okpara

AHWGO Program Experience Manager

Katherine Okpara is a user experience researcher and certified aging-in-place specialist. She has over 7 years of experience working in the tech industry and specializes in helping organizations create inclusive services and products. Her passion for gerontology was ignited by her experience working as a caregiver in college for a 97-year-old woman who lived alone at home. Katherine is excited to apply her skills to support & grow Aging 360 workshops.

At Home With Growing Older offers Aging 360 workshops to individuals either directly through online workshops or through community organizations.

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