Thanks to fantastic thought leaders, professionals and activists who generously donate their time we are able to produce first class forums. If you’re interested in presenting at one of our interdisciplinary forums, please get in touch.

Selected presenters:

Gretchen Addi
Megory Anderson
Naomi Armenta
Mehrdad Ayati
Philip Batchelder
Dmitri Belser
Doris Bersing
Barbara Beskind
Anita Barrows
Katy Butler
Gary Coates
Susi Coliver
Clare Cooper Marcus
Kenneth Covinsky
Benay Dara-Abrams
Vicki Dello Joio
Charlene E. Depner
Stephanie DiGiorgio
Bob Edmundson
Carroll Estes
Lynette Evans
ZoС Francesca
Glen Galaich
Eileen Gambrill
Dan Gillette
Greacian Goeke
Amy Gorman
Natalie Greene
Ian Griffiths
Sherri Hayes Sawyer
Sheila Hembury
Kate Hoepke
Brooke Hollister
Christina Irving
Judy Jacobs
Ernest Kahn
Elliot Kukla

Odile Lavault
Wanda Lieberman
Warren Logan
Chris Luebkeman
Rachel Main
Sheila Malkind
Bryce Mander
Erin McInrue Savage
Beth MacLeod
Guy Micco
Cathy Michalec
Erick Mikiten
Leslie Moldow
Kathy Orsini
Sandy Ouye Mori
Fairley Parson
Shela Pearl
Wendy Peterson
Susan Poor
Elena Portacolone
Kevin Prindiville
Barbara Kate Repa
Patricia Ris
Jayne Ross
Andrew Scharlach
Mary Scott
Susanne Sieple-Coates
Cathy Spensley
Jane Anne Staw
Jill Stoner
Gerry Tierney
Lamar Turner
Mary Twomey
Shirin Vakharia
Richard Weiner
Jarmin Yeh

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