The majority of the work of AHWGO happens because of the participation of our fantastic volunteers. Do you want to be part of AHWGO exploring what it takes to provide services and infrastructure as we become more at home with growing older?

Administrative Volunteer

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Community Outreach Volunteer

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Development Volunteer

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Event Volunteer (In-Person)

Event Volunteer Responsibilities:  Assisting on an event day for set-up, guest assistance, registration and/or clean up. Volunteers may also choose to be involved in event planning.

Support Plan:  Event volunteers work under the direction of various members of the event committee, staff or other volunteers, who will provide task-specific training.

Time Commitment:  Event day volunteers will typically be asked to commit at least 3 hours. Participation on an event planning committee typically requires larger time commitments over several months.

Qualifications Needed: Depends on tasks.

Benefits: Depending on the type of event, volunteers may be able to attend the event free of charge or at a reduced price. Event volunteers also have the opportunity to learn new skills from professionals and meet others in the community, while supporting healthy aging.

AHWGO Contact: communications@athomewithgrowingolder.org


Additional details coming soon!

“I can share ideas, learn new ideas, and collaborate with really interesting people. It’s been a place where I can both learn & dream, and share this vision of a different way of growing older with a lot of people who share my passions and ideals.”

Rachael Friedman

Board Member & Community Volunteer

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