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Reimagining Our Relationship to Urban Land/Place for Healthy Aging and Intergenerational Connections

Age in the City is about expanding the community-driven approach of our successful Aging 360 workshops to the city and its neighborhoods – learning from elders in diverse San Francisco neighborhoods what spaces and places they care and feel responsible for, connect them and animate their lives.

This intercultural inquiry will continue with online At Home, On Air conversations as well as with local intergenerational community building projects with partners such as Ruth’s Table and the San Francisco Parks Alliance

We are grateful for the expertise and support of Mistinguette Smith, writer, founder of the BlackLand Project and equity consultant in guiding us in this work!

If you are interested in becoming a partner or a sponsor of this unique community-driven effort, contact Susanne Stadler, Executive Director.

Join this effort to create cities that support, connect and animate our lives as we age!

History of agein

2023 | Creature Comforts: The Human-Animal Bond in Healthy Aging

Held on Saturday, June 17, 2023

About Our 4th Annual agein

The 4th annual agein in collaboration with Ruth’s Table explored different modes of animal-human relations and how our society, our homes and cities can support them. Although this event focused on canine companions, the lessons transfer to other domesticated animals and those in the wild.

In our complicated modern world, animals have always come to our rescue both emotionally and physically. This is especially true in older age when staying socially connected becomes challenging. The human-animal friendship has proven health benefits in older age, from staving off depression to supporting daily exercise to guiding us when our eyesight diminishes. Our support of aging animals has become part of our aging experiences. We thank everyone who helped us celebrate this mutually beneficial relationship.

This event took place at Ruth’s Table in San Francisco, California.  Alice Wingwall provided the opening remarks (showcased in video above). Chris McCarthy was the panel moderator. Sherri Franklin, Annelie Nilson, Maddie Krasno, and Evan Johnson were the featured guest panelists. Muttville Senior Dog Rescue provided interactive time for participants with senior dogs. And teaching artist, Alexandra, facilitated an art project for participants, which tied together our relationship to animals with the night sky.

Listen to the Panel Discussion  (Featured on the At Home, On Air podcast)

2022 | Elder Wisdom:  An Overlooked Resource in Trying Times

Held on Saturday, June 4, 2022

About Our 3rd Annual agein

Our current human and environmental challenges are daunting. These issues are complex, hard to navigate, and can’t be ‘Googled’.  But we can tap into a valuable resource: our past, our experience. The 2022 agein featured lifelong change-makers who paved their own paths where no roads existed. Thank you so much to these guest speakers for sharing their collective wisdom with our mighty, intergenerational community.

This event took place at Destiny Arts Center in Oakland, California.  Sarah Crowell provided the opening remarks. Sasha Shen Johfre was the panel moderator. Amy Meyer, Sandy Mori and Jennie Chin Hansen were the featured guest panelists.

Watch the Panel Discussion (showcased above)

2021 | Create, Connect, Contribute – A Celebration and FUNdraiser

Held October 18-23, 2021

About Our 2nd Annual agein

In 2021, we reconnected for our 2nd annual agein – a week-long celebration and fundraiser. Together, we celebrated the joy of creating, connecting and contributing at four online Play Dates and then finally at an in-person event at the Destiny Arts Center in Oakland, California.  From dancing, drawing and acting to enjoying good company and food … this event was all about celebrating joy!

Watch the event highlights (showcased above)

2019 | Celebrating 10 Years of Our Diverse Learning Community

Held on Saturday, June 1, 2019

About Our 1st Annual agein

In June of 2019, AHWGO piloted a day-long super forum, an ‘agein’ in the style of the 1960s teach-ins. We aimed to include people of varied ages and backgrounds, and explore how the later stages of life are seen, felt and understood.

Motivated by its success we will take this annual event to key locations in California in order to:

  • Reach new audiences
  • Incentivize other communities to form AHWGO creative learning communities
  • Identify more opportunities for AHWGO to bring aging consideration to a greater range of organizations and corporations

Watch the event highlights (showcased above)

People gathered around small tables in a large room, talking amongst themselves.

First agein, June 2019, Ed Roberts Campus Berkeley.

“….there were some amazing people and creative brains in the room and so much potential to activate whole communities and created system-wide change!”
agein participant

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