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At Home With Growing Older (AHWGO) is proud to be your host to At Home, On Air, a radio hour offering connection, community and knowledge to our participants remotely.  You can find information about upcoming, LIVE community discussions on our Next Forums page or listen to previous conversations at your leisure below…

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At Home in the Kitchen:

A Spicebox for Healthy Aging

Featured Guest:  Dr. Linda Shiue
Recorded Live on 5.9.2024 | Posted 5.16.2024

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Healthy Cities: How our homes & neighborhoods support individual & community health across generations

Featured Guest:  Dr. Mindy Fullilove
Recorded Live on 4.11.2024 | Posted 4.18.2024

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At Home in the City:
Inviting Connections & Community in Public Space

Featured Guest:  Walter Hood
Recorded Live on 3.14.2024 | Posted 3.21.2024

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Artists in Residence:

Connecting Generations through Street Stories

Featured Guest:  Laura Nova
Recorded Live on 2.15.2024 | Posted 2.22.2024

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The Body as Home:

Exploring the Experience of Aging

Featured Guest:  Joe Goode
Recorded Live on 11.9.2023 | Posted 11.19.2023

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We Are All Neighbors In One Big Community:

The effect of the affordable housing crisis on living and aging in the Bay Area

Featured Guest:  Karen Nemsick
Recorded Live on 10.12.2023 | Posted 10.20.2023

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‘Wildness’ in Healthy Aging:

The significance of the relationship to land/place for healthy aging in the Black community

Featured Guest:  Mistinguette Smith
Recorded Live on 9.14.2023 | Posted 9.25.2023

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Creature Comforts: The Human-Animal Bond in Healthy Aging

Featured Guests:  Alice Wingwall, Chris McCarthy, Sherri Franklin, Evan Johnson, Maddie Krasno & Annelie Nilsson
Recorded Live on 6.17.2023 | Posted 7.5.2023

What We Can Learn From Aging Dogs:

The Dog Aging Project

Featured Guest:  Dr. Daniel Promislow
Recorded Live on 5.18.2023 | Posted 5.25.2023

Pet Ownership is ‘Medicine’

Featured Guest:  Jessica Bibbo, Ph.D.
Recorded Live on 4.27.2023 | Posted 5.4.2023

Alive Until You’re Dead: Notes on the Home Stretch

Featured Guest:  Susan Moon
Recorded Live on 2.16.2023 | Posted 2.23.2023

Communication as a Tool for Challenging the Culture of Dementia Care

Featured Expert:  Adria Thompson
Recorded Live on 1.19.2023 | Posted 1.26.2023

Everyday Family Caregiving

Featured Expert:  Dave Iverson
Recorded Live on 11.10.2022 | Posted 11.17.2022

Seeing The Care That Is All Around Us

Featured Expert:  Rajiv Mehta
Recorded Live on 10.27.2022 | Posted 11.6.2022

Preparing to Care

Featured Expert:  Bob Stephen
Recorded Live on 9.15.2022 | Posted 9.22.2022

Elder Wisdom: An Overlooked Resource in Trying Times | agein panel discussion

Featured Panelists:  Amy Meyer, Sandy Mori and Jennie Chin Hansen
Panel Moderator:  Sasha Shen Johfre
Recorded Live on 6.4.2022 | Posted 6.30.2022

Aging in Many Places: Neighborhoods, Health and Wellbeing in Later Life

Featured Guest:  Jessica Finlay
Recorded Live on 5.26.2022 | Posted 6.9.2022

Afro- and Age-Futurism: Imagining a Better Future for All Elders

Featured Guests:  Raina J. León and Dr. Norma Thomas
Recorded Live on 5.12.2022 | Posted 5.19.2022

Art & Aging

Featured Guest:  Evan Johnson
Recorded Live on 4.28.2022 | Posted 5.5.2022

Growing Old in San Francisco: Funding Aging with a Commitment to Racial Equity

Featured Guest:  Janet Y. Spears
Recorded Live on 3.31.2022 | Posted 4.7.2022

Medical Advocacy: Your Guide in the Complex World of Health Care

Featured Guest:  Patricia Knight
Recorded Live on 3.17.2022 | Posted 3.24.2022

What To Do About Loneliness? New and Old Ways to Connect for Our Happiness & Health

Featured Guest:  Kasley Killam
Recorded Live on 3.3.2022 | Posted 3.10.2022

Longevity Explorers: The Future of Aging at its Intersection with Technology

Featured Guests:  John and Candiece Milford
Recorded Live on 9.30.2021 | Posted 2.24.2022

Zen-Inspired Living for All:  The Story and Practice of a New Kind of Senior Community

Featured Guest:  Susan O’Connell
Recorded Live on 2.3.2022 | Posted 2.10.2022

From Anxiety to Action:
A Conversation About Gerontology, Climate Change and Human-Centered Design

Featured Guest: Dr. Michael “Mick” Smyer
Recorded Live on 1.20.2022 | Posted 1.27.2022

The Emotional Tasks of the Last Chapters of Life: Creating a Vision for Your Own Good Death

Featured Guest:  Katy Butler
Recorded Live on 1.6.2022 | Posted 1.13.2022

Mindful Self-Compassion | How to be a Resource to Ourselves in Difficult Times

Featured Guest:  David Fredrickson
Recorded Live on 3.18.2021| Posted 12.30.2021

Dealing With End-of-Life Issues in the Chinese American Community

Featured Guest:  Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care (CACCC)
Recorded Live on 12.9.2021 | Posted 12.16.2021

Designing Elderhood, Now and for Our Futures

Featured Guest:  Louise Aronson
Recorded Live on 6.25.2020 | Posted 12.2.2021

Right Place, Right Time: Choosing Home for the 2nd Half of Life

Featured Guest:  Ryan Frederick
Recorded Live on 11.11.2021 | Posted 11.18.2021

The Road Less Traveled: Doing Death with a Doula

Featured Guest:  Sarah Hill
Recorded Live on 5.27.2021 | Posted 11.4.2021


Featured Guest:  Charles Durrett
Recorded Live on 10.14.2021 | Posted 10.21.2021

Gardening Through the Arc of Life

Featured Guest:  Clare Cooper Marcus
Recorded Live on 11.12.2020 | Posted 10.7.2021

Connecting, Learning, Thriving:  A New Space for Older Adults

Featured Guest:  Jennifer Wong
Recorded Live on 9.16.2021 | Posted 9.23.2021

Here’s to Life

Featured Guests:  Ed and Diane Reed
Recorded Live on 9.2.2021 | Posted on 9.9.2021

Alzheimer’s is a Humanitarian Crisis. It Needs a Human Response.

Featured Guests:  Anne Basting and Dr. Jason Karlawish
Recorded Live on 6.10.2020 | Posted 8.12.2021

Thinking Global, Acting Local: How Age- and Disability-Friendly San Francisco is Strengthening the Community Safety Net

Featured Guest:  Shireen McSpadden
Recorded Live on 3.4.2021 | Posted 8.12.2021

Towards an Age Integrated Society

Featured Guest:  Marc Freedman
Recorded Live on 2.18.2021 | Posted 8.12.2021

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