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At Home with Growing Older strives to educate, inspire and connect people across generations and disciplines to re‑envision and improve the experiences of later life in the context of their home. This mission is put into practice within the community through the implementation of three rotating programs: Aging 360, At Home, On Air and the annual agein.

Jean smiling, wearing a pink shirt that reads, “Dull women have immaculate homes.”

Would you recommend this workshop?

Yes, because hopefully we will all grow older and our homes can help make the process safer and more pleasurable. It also empowers the individual to learn that they can create a space they want but never knew how to begin.”

“Yes! It provides just enough information for hands-on practice with feedback in a good class size. Susi personalizes her feedback so we learn from others.”

Aging 360 Workshop Participant


Aging 360 is a workshop for groups and individuals who want to grow old in their home that teaches participants to see their home as a partner in wellbeing and empower them to adapt their home not only with safety, but also delight in mind.

Workshop & Participant Statistics from 8/2022 to 8/2023:

  • 7 workshops held
  • 23 sessions facilitated
  • 100 participants (255 total since 2018)
  • 4 partnering organizations

Of participant survey responses:

  • 100% reported an increased understanding of age-friendly environments
  • 96% would recommend this workshop to others
  • 76% made changes to their home during the workshop or are planning to make them

    Learn more about Aging 360 workshops.

    natasha boissier

    What is one thing that you learned from this event?

    “I am inspired by the panelists to keep trying new things.”

    “Leap, jump, take a chance in life!”

    “The agein reinforced the importance of inter-generational relationships and communication.”

    “How accomplished & engaged old folks can be!”

    agein Participants


    agein is an annual event designed by At Home With Growing Older community members, which seeks to connect the community with resources and inspiration surrounding the topic of aging.  AHWGO’s agein was piloted in 2019 as a day-long super forum, in the style of the 1960’s teach-ins.  Each year, agein aims to include people of varied ages and backgrounds, and explore how the later stages of life are seen, felt and understood.

    Event & Participant Statistics:

    • 4 events held with unique sub-topics
    • 285 registered attendees

    Of participant survey responses:

    • 75% thought the panel discussion was the most valuable aspect of agein
    • Learning circles were voted the second most valuable aspect
    • 78% met someone new through the event
    • 52% felt more connected to a community that supports people in choosing how and where they prefer to age

    Explore previous agein topics & listen to the panel discussion from the 2023 agein.

    natasha boissier

    “I attended because I have aging parents, and we have minimal knowledge about resources available to us.”

    “I attended for personal & professional reasons.”

    “I attended because I work in the field of aging and dementia and am always interested in new ideas and practices.”

    At Home, On Air Participants


    At Home, On Air is a radio hour offering connection, community and knowledge to our participants remotely. We offer seasonal live, online forums with featured experts. Many of these conversations are then featured on our podcast for easy listening anytime.

    Forums, Podcast & Participant Statistics since 2013:

    • 140 forums facilitated
    • 152 guest speakers
    • 3,150 participants
    • Over 4,700 streamed listens to podcast episodes

    Of our participant survey responses on a 5-point scale:

    • 91.3% of participants rate our faciliation at 4-5
    • 90.3% of participants rate satisfaction with guest speakers at 4-5

    Participate in our upcoming events, or browse & learn from the At Home, On Air podcast, which features previous forum conversations.

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