Aging Artfully

Aging Artfully

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March 21, 2015 6 pm to 8pm
Ed Roberts Campus (Koret Conference Room)
3075 Adeline Street, Berkeley (Across from the Ashby Bart Station)

Sustaining or unearthing one’s creative spirit is a key life force, never more important than in the stage of life when we have more time but also have to make peace with the process of aging. Amy Gorman, social worker and artist will talk about her work and the discoveries she has made. She currently works with older adults in writing workshops, has written a book “ Aging Artfully” which portrays 12 women artists from 85 to 105 and has collaborated on the movie “Still Kicking” by Greg Young which is based on her book.Amy Gorman’s work as a medical social worker with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients led to her service as a board member at Lifelong Medical Care/Over 60 Clinic in Oakland, California, which addresses the medical and social needs of the aged. She is a member of LPN, the Life Planning Network, APH, the Association of Personal Historians, WNBA, the Women’s National Book Assn, and BAIPA, Bay Area Independent Publisher’s Assn. She currently leads guided autobiographical workshops.

March 21, 2015 6:00pm to 8:00pm Ed Roberts Campus (Koret Conference Room) 3075 Adeline Street, Berkeley

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