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February 23, 2017

The scale of advocacy for older adults ranges from a personal one on one to concerted grass roots efforts and organized action. Barbara Kate Repa beautifully illustrated her experience and involvment in all these different levels, from the Funeral Society to the Ombudsman Program for Nursing Homes.The most poignant contribution came from a resident at Rhoda Goldman Plaza who stood up and said: “I have Alzheimers and I can still do things”.

Barbara Kate, a lawyer and journalist, has devoted her career to translating legal issues for consumers. She’s the author of several legal self-help books published by Nolo, as well as WillMaker—best-selling software that enables consumers to write their own wills, healthcare directives, powers of attorney and final arrangements. She currently writes and edits for a number of websites and publications on the legal and practical aspects of aging, caregiving, estate planning and end of life and currently volunteers with a number of groups focused on aging.

Thank you Barbara!

February 23, 2017 Berkeley

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