A Conversation with Clare Cooper Marcus and Jennifer Jewell

A Conversation with Clare Cooper Marcus and Jennifer Jewell

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Gardening Through the Arc of Life

Thank you to Clare Cooper Marcus and Jennifer Jewell for sharing their array of knowledge and thoughtful insights. The recording of this conversation has been published as an At Home, On Air podcast episode.

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“I go out there several times a day. The wonderful thing about gardening is that you go out there to do one thing and then you see something else and then something else and then you thought you would be out there for five minutes, and you end up being out there for 35 minutes. And it all has been wonderfully joyful. For me gardening is not work I do not have to think, I know what to do.”

Clare Cooper Marcus

About Clare Cooper Marcus:

Clare Cooper Marcus is Professor Emerita in the Departments of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. She is the Principal of Healing Landscapes, a consulting firm that specializes in an evidence-based design approach to the programming, design, and evaluation of outdoor spaces in community and healthcare settings.

Professor Marcus is internationally recognized for her research on the social and psychological implications of design, particularly urban open space, affordable housing, healing gardens, and environments for children and the elderly. She has lectured and consulted in the United States, Canada, Britain, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Italy, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, and China. 

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Gardens through my life: From a patch of earth to a raised bed
The healing power of gardens, from gardens in hospitals, senior homes, housing projects to our own backyards

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The original conversation was recorded on November 12, 2020. This conversation was edited & published as an At Home, On Air podcast episode on October 7, 2021.

Gardening Through the Arc of Life

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