A Conversation with Shireen McSpadden

A Conversation with Shireen McSpadden

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Thank you to our guest: Shireen McSpadden, Executive Director
San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services

Thank you to our host: Jarmin Yeh, Assistant Professor, Institute for Health & Aging UCSF School of Nursing

Topic: Thinking global, acting local: How Age and Disability Friendly San Francisco is strengthening the community safety net


Efforts that emerged as a result of the pandemic?

We have done a lot of community outreach over the last year……We are now saying – let’s find new ways to support organizations that are organically part of the community that are run by black, and indigenous people of color instead of always thinking about what is the easiest and biggest organization we can work with….How do we have a hybrid approach, where we are saying the big efforts that support 60,000 people a week are very important and so are the ones that support very specific communities…We have a lot of experience with this over the last year and I feel personally grateful for this…. This has shown me more deeply what different communities experience and how we can do a better job serving these communities. “ – Shireen McSpadden

Some San Francisco Facts:

  • Close to 22% of San Franciscans are 60 and older. In 2030 this will be 30% of the population
  • 37% of people have food insecurities
  • 22% of unhoused people are older adults


Age- and Disability Friendly San Francisco Action Plan 2018 – 2021

California Masterplan for Aging

End Ageism San Francisco

Get involved in the next stage of the Age- and Disability Friendly San Francisco Action Plan for 2022 and beyond.

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