A Conversation with Amy Yotopoulos

A Conversation with Amy Yotopoulos

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Thank you to our guest: Amy Yotopoulos, Gerontologist, Co-Founder Stanford Caregiver Center

Thank you to our host: Susanne Stadler, Architect and Executive Director of AHWGO

Topic: Caregiving: The Dance of Interdependence


“I have been in the field of aging my entire career and when my father in law was diagnosed with dementia and we became his caregivers. I thought ‘I got this,’ but the reality is that this was the hardest thing I have ever done, it brought me to my knees. Even with my background I needed a lot of support.”

“All caregivers need something different and specific. Every situation is so complex and requires this network of support and it’s therefore so important for caregivers to know how to access all these different resources that are available to them. Right now the way we have created it  – they have to knock on 18 different doors to get those and my job is to say ‘Call me’  and we will go through the list together.”

-Excerpts from our conversation with Amy Yotopolous

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Stanford Caregiver Center: 650-497-7100 or caregiver@stanfordhealthcare.org
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