A Conversation with Lisa Armao

A Conversation with Lisa Armao

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Thank you to our guest: Lisa Armao

Thank you to our host: Susi Stadler, Architect, AHWGO Executive Director

Topic: Using The Montessori Philosophy For Older Adults Living With Dementia: An Opportunity For Intergenerational Learning

“As soon as they saw the children the chatter level increased and they started asking questions, ‘Who are they?’…They would sit down and do the work with the children… and there was laughter and conversation…and it was magical…we had moments of shared learning…for many people living with dementia reading is a preserved ability…a lot of the three and four year olds they are just starting to learn how to read…they could identify an animal in an image but could not read…They would fill each other’s decificits…it’s truly magical.”

– On the magic of intergenerational learning with Montessori from the conversation with Lisa Armao

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