A Conversation With Marcy Simon

A Conversation With Marcy Simon

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Thank You to Our Guest: Marcy Simon

Thank You to Our Host: Erin McInrue Savage, AHWGO Board Vice President

Topic: How to Transform Fitness Programs – And Ourselves – As We Age


“I look at my students as my works of art.  They keep the love of dance alive in me, and I am able to impart it on them.  I do it because I love it, for the love of it.” “There are typically two choices you have as an older adult fitness consumer.  You can either go to a senior center, and they have some updated programming but often you are not exercising in a designated space, you are exercising in the same space you eat lunch in.  And then you have the fitness culture of youth, places like Equinox that have top level fitness equipment.  Older people with means will go to the Equinox but  instead of the programming serving them, they have to fit themselves into the programs.  They suffer and do not enjoy these classes.“ – Marcy Simon

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Marcy Simon’s Website:  Generation ReFORM

Audience Recommendations for Fitness & Movement Classes in the Bay Area:

  • A Stretch Class taught virtually at the Albany, CA Senior Center on Tues at 10 AM
  • Wild Goose Qigong, which is a health practice and open to people of all cultures, at Energy Matters in Piemont, CA
  • Wen Wu School in El Cerrito, which is a great practice for flexibility, balance and wellbeing
  • SF Rec and Park Senior Folk Dance at Harvey Milk is a fun class, with nice people.  If interested, contact acolichidas@gmail.com, and put ‘Folk Dance’ in subject line
  • Alycia’s aerobics class through the Piedmont Adult School is a great class for older adults; it’s via Zoom now but will be face-to-face in the fall
  • Essentrics Stretching Classes on PBS

Inspirational Movies:

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