At Home, On Air: A Conversation with Rajiv Mehta

At Home, On Air: A Conversation with Rajiv Mehta

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Thank You to Our Featured Expert:

Rajiv Mehta | Founder and CEO, Atlas of Care

Thank You to Our Forum Host: 

Jesse Gaskin | Patient Experience Design Lead at Kaiser Permanente and Board Member of At Home With Growing Older

Episode Description:

As people learn to see care in their lives more clearly, they become better at caring for themselves, their families, and their communities. In this conversation, Rajiv Mehta addresses recent innovations in tools and methods for self-exploration and improvement, and the impacts these have had in a wide range of communities. The conversation also focuses on these topics:

  • Observing and visualizing our care ecosystems, the threads that bind us to others
  • The power of collective self-reflection, of studying your life in the company of your community
  • Moving towards what makes you thrive: acting on insights

About Our Featured Expert:

Rajiv Mehta is CEO of the nonprofit Atlas of Care, which explores and develops tools and programs to help people better care for themselves, their families and communities. With an educational background in engineering (Princeton and Stanford) and business (Columbia), Rajiv conducted scientific research at NASA, and then led product and business innovation efforts in Silicon Valley (Apple, Adobe, Motorola, various startups). He then turned his attention to how people care for and support each other in their personal, professional, and civic lives, applying that same science-based, design-driven, and results-oriented approach to these human affairs. Rajiv has keynoted conferences across the globe, and consulted to numerous corporations, government agencies, foundations, and social organizations to nurture thriving communities.

Quotes from the Conversation:

“Care is fundamental to our being in that we live such interrelated lives that all of us are caring for someone, being cared for, caring for ourselves, and that this idea that care was fundamental to community… and yet, that we all struggled with it, was what has inspired me to keep working in this field to see what I can do.”

“‘How do we get caregivers to acknowledge that they need these things?’ It’s hard because if you’re not aware of your needs, you’re not taking advantage of services.”

The original, live conversation was recorded on: Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 5:30 PM PST.

Episode 49: Seeing The Care That Is All Around Us

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