Creature Comforts: The Human-Animal Bond in Healthy Aging

Creature Comforts: The Human-Animal Bond in Healthy Aging

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Join us for a special edition of At Home, On Air!

… from At Home With Growing Older’s fourth annual agein on Saturday, June 17th, 2023, on the topic of, Creature Comforts: The Human-Animal Bond in Healthy Aging. Enjoy listening to the conversation & please share!

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Together, we’ll explore different modes of animal-human relations and how our society, our homes and cities can support them. In our complicated modern world, animals have always come to our rescue both emotionally and physically. This is especially true in older age when staying socially connected becomes challenging. The human-animal friendship has proven health benefits in older age, from staving off depression to supporting daily exercise to guiding us when our eyesight diminishes. Our support of aging animals has become part of our aging experiences…

Part one of this episode features Alice Wingwall, a photographer and film editor whose unique work is influenced through her creative engagement with her declining vision.  She has continued to evolve her artwork with the help of her guide dogs. Her images tell the story of this relationship. Alice introduces our day of exploration.

Part two of this episode features our panel discussion. The panel moderator is Chris McCarthy, a change rebel and healthcare innovator.  Panelists include: Sherri Franklin, the Founder and CEO of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue; Evan Johnson, a theater maker, teaching artist and the Prana Director at Elder Ashram; Maddie Krasno, the Grants and Foundation Specialist for Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, who also shares insights about living with her emotional support animal, her dog, Millie; and Annelie Nilsson, a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, who is incorporating robotic cats and dogs into the care of patients with dementia with the Acute Care for the Elderly team.

During this hour of exploration & learning you will hear personal journeys, practical insights and an array of knowledge from our guests’ years of experience with the health benefits of the human-animal bond. Now, we invite you to listen and learn from this special edition of At Home, On Air and hope this topic inspires you and invokes action towards re‑envisioning and improving the experiences of later life.

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Listen to the At Home, On Air podcast special edition, which features the opening remarks from the 4th annual agein by Alice Wingwall and the panel discussion about this topic!

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