AHWGO receives $10,000 grant from Metta Fund

AHWGO receives $10,000 grant from Metta Fund

October 23, 2023

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Bay Area, Cal. – At Home With Growing Older (AHWGO) is pleased to announce that the Metta Fund, a San Francisco-based foundation, awarded At Home With Growing Older with a one-time grant in the amount of $10,000. The grant was awarded in support of AHWGO’s Aging 360 workshop that teaches older adults about simple adaptations to their homes that allow them to live longer independently.

The Metta Fund works with communities to advance equity in aging, and At Home With Growing Older is committed to contributing to that mission. The Aging 360 workshop increases the capacity of low-income older adults to remain in their homes through low-cost, low-barrier, high-impact home adaptations. Aging 360 was developed by age-inclusive architect Susanne Stadler and members of At Home With Growing Older’s interdisciplinary team. The workshop is facilitated both in-person and online.

Susanne Stadler, Executive Director of At Home With Growing Older, shares, “We are pleased to share joyful news! Janet Spears, the Executive Director of the Metta Fund in San Francisco, has endorsed our Aging 360 workshop and its community benefits by awarding us a one-time CEO discretionary grant of $10,000 to continue this work with more community organizations in San Francisco.”

With the help of impassioned and visionary grant makers, AHWGO is looking to a future where everyone can be ‘at home with growing older’ in a home and community of their choice. 

If you are part of a community organization, senior center or city program and are interested in learning more about Aging 360 or partnering with AHWGO, please contact Susanne Stadler with your inquiry. If you are an individual interested in taking the next available Aging 360 workshop, please register here (or join the waiting list to be notified about the next available session).

Thank You for supporting Aging 360!

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