Conditions for Entry

Conditions for Entry Please read the conditions and terms of entry carefully.

By entering the At Home With Growing Older: Commemorative Poster Competition you agree to comply with these terms.
1 General
1.1 This competition is run by the At Home With Growing Older, a California 501.c3 nonprofit organization.
1.2 This poster competition is open to all undergraduate and master’s students in the Bay Area in Graphic Arts, Arts, or Architecture, or graduates early in their career.
1.3 You may only submit one entry per person.
1.4 You warrant that you have the sole and exclusive right to submit the artwork in entry to this competition (the “Artwork”) and any caption and documentation submitted relating to your Artwork (together being the “Submission”), and that you have not previously licensed, assigned, or otherwise transferred those rights to another party.
1.5 At Home With Growing Older reserves the right to disqualify any Submission if deemed contrary to these terms or the spirit of the competition.

2 The Competition:
The aim of the Commemorative Poster Competition is to attract original artwork and to spurn a discussion about how we view ourselves and others in the later phases of life.

3 Entry Guidelines and Cost:
3.1 There is no cost to submit. Please register your Submission first at By entering this competition you agree that your Submission is in accordance with the requirements of these terms, and in particular:
3.1.1 Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a link to a private dropbox where you will submit your Artwork, no later than the entry deadline of April 30, 2019 at midnight. Artwork must be designed in portrait format, 3h x 2w proportion, and be of sufficient resolution to be printed at a final size of 36 inches high x 24 inches wide at 360ppi, in the event it is chosen as one of the winners or honorable mentions. For initial submission, your Artwork should be saved in jpeg format (maximum quality), color-profiled sRGB, at a file size no greater than 2048 pixels high. Artwork should be accompanied by a brief description (of no more than 200 characters) explaining the inspiration and rationale for the Artwork.
3.2 Submissions must not be obscene or offensive, refer to or include any political, religious or sexual topic, weapons or violence, or any charity or commercial brand. If images of people are included in the Submission, you warrant that you have received executed releases permitting publication of their likeness in your Artwork.
3.3 You warrant that your Submission is your own original work and it does not infringe the rights (including any intellectual property rights) of any third party.
3.4 You shall immediately notify At Home With Growing Older in writing if you become aware of any claim made or threatened that the Submission (or any part) infringes the rights of any third party.
3.5 There is no entry fee. However, all costs incurred by you relating to your Submission and this competition are your personal responsibility.

4 Exhibition
4.1 There will be an exhibition of the three prize winners at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, a publicly accessible space, from June 2019 until such time as agreed by the Ed Roberts Campus. At Home With Growing Older shall print and mount copies of winning entries at their own expense. Additional Artwork from Honorable Mention awardees may also be printed, for display purposes, at the discretion of At Home With Growing Older. In addition, the winners and Honorable Mention awardees will be presented on our Instagram account and on Facebook.

5 Selection
5.1 The deadlines and key dates applicable to this competition are set out in the Schedule to these terms.
5.2 Valid submissions will be evaluated based on the quality of illustration, the originality of the idea, universal design principles and the relevance of the image and verbal description.
5.3 Your Submission will be judged by a committee of judges. The judges’ selections will be final.
5.4 You will be informed by email if you are selected as one of the winners or honorable mentions, or if you were not selected. Please ensure you can receive emails from our accounts containing the address: “ ”.
5.5 Award winners will be named at an award ceremony to be held on June 1, 2019 at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley. The three winning artists and a group of up to ten honorable mention artists will be invited to the award ceremony and can bring one guest each.

6 Merchandising Licensing
6.1 The terms of this clause 6 only apply to you if your Submission is selected to be exhibited at the Ed Roberts Campus.
6.2 By entering this competition, you authorize At Home With Growing Older to use and reproduce your Submission for all non-commercial purposes, such as publicity, advertising, and promotion of the Commemorative Poster Competition, event and organization. Furthermore, if your Submission is selected as the Gold Award winner, you agree to the use of the Artwork on merchandise available for sale to the general public.
6.3 In submitting your Submission, you are deemed to have accepted these rules and agree to be bound by them, and agree to co-operate in any publicity that may arise which may include your name or image being used on websites, magazines or mobile site at any time as a result of the competition.

7 Prizes
7.1 Three cash prizes shall be awarded: Gold Award: $700, Silver Award: $400, Bronze Award: $200. Additionally, up to ten Honorable Mention awards will be given.

8 Schedule of events (exact dates to be confirmed)
Registration Deadline: April 20, 2019 at midnight PDT
Deadline for entries: April 30, 2019 at midnight PDT
Winners Announced: May 7, 2019
Awards Ceremony: June 1, 2019

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