AHWGO believes in peer learning and creating discussions which bring the lens of aging to a variety of topics, from transportation to healthcare to garden design.

In its interdisciplinary Learning Forums, AHWGO facilitates active inquiries and a deeper understanding of the complex needs of later life, thereby inspiring inclusive and human-centered solutions across all industries and institutions. Learning Forums pivoted in April of 2020 from in-person events to online programs, At Home, On Air. At Home, On Air episodes are currently offered bi-weekly.

AHWGO celebrated the 10th year anniversary of its grassroots movement with an agein. Our first annual agein was a daylong learning forum modeled on the teach-ins of the 60s, with participants and speakers switching places throughout the day.

Interactive activity titled “I will combat ageism by…” written on poster paper. Participants provided sticky notes finishing the sentence.

Social Justice learning circle activity at the June 2019 agein, “I Will Combat Ageism by…”

Interactive activity titled “Solidarity”, completed on poster paper at the June 2019 agein.

Participants defined the term “Solidarity” in a learning circle at the June 2019 agein.

Post-It notes on a group activity sheet, with the heading “The Future of Housing”.

The Future of Housing group activity, agein June 2019.

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