I am in the 50s age bracket, or as it often called now the ‘coming of age’ bracket. This by the way is also the title of a wonderful book by Simone de Beauvoir who talks about how the old are treated in different societies at different times in history and right now at the time of her old age (she was in the seventies when the book was published in 1970). The 50’s are a great age it seems especially for women. They often feel powerful, confident, experienced and still have energy to try new avenues. Many at this age are considering a second stage-of-life career or simply a job, where they do not have to carry many responsibilities but can contribute and earn a modest amount of money. Few want to stop working all together as they retire. The initiative ‘Coming Of Age’ now also has a West Coast presence. It wants to tap into this resource and help people and organizations connect. Bonnie Lawrence, the communication director will come to the next AHWGO meeting on April 8 to talk about their vision.

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