Planners and city officials in some suburban towns are making efforts to densify their town with the goal to attract retirees who want services close at hand. The European city with their high density and good transportation network is a model planners look to.  There are hit lists for best towns to retire in and of course there are planned retirement communities that promote eternal leisure at your finger tips.  How does a city get on a ‘hit list’. It is intuitive.  Safety, easy to access services including good hospitals, climate, affordable cost of living, a good transportation network and cultural activities are some of the coveted qualities. Qualities that every city should have and provide for its citizens. Apart from the ‘disneyfication’ of some cities there is hope that an older population can make city life better for all of us and trigger a rethinking of city planning that allows for neighborhoods to be built around people who live and work in them and support each other.

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