Aging 360 ® Creative Workshops help participants to find solutions for aging at home on their own terms, with safety and delight.
Most people prefer to age in their own homes. Lack of affordable housing presents a barrier, as does the fact that homes are often not designed to accommodate the changes and transitions that are a natural part of growing older.  There is a growing need to teach people how they can turn their home into an ally, both by making changes to their home and by how they interact with, and live in it.

AHWGO’s Aging 360 ® Creative Workshops teach age-friendly design principles and solutions. Using experiential exercises, we invite participants to tap into their own creativity and the intimate knowledge of their home in coming up with concrete ideas that are executable, affordable and delightful. In sharing challenges and opportunities participants not only learn from each other but often come to support each other in making those changes.

Our workshop will be facilitated by both designers and social workers.

We offer these workshops to senior communities with a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

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Aging 360 ® Creative Workshops Team Members: Susanne Stadler, Donna Schempp, Tasneem Babul Rayani, Rachael Friedman

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