A Conversation with David Fredrickson

A Conversation with David Fredrickson

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Thank you to our guest: David Fredrickson, Psychotherapist and Mindful Self Compassion Teacher

Thank you to our host: Susanne Stadler, Architect and Executive Director of AHWGO

Topic: Mindful Self-Compassion – How To Be A Resource To Ourselves In Difficult Times


The Three Components of Mindful Self Compassion (MSC):

Mindfulness: “Most of our pain is below the surface. Most of the time we are not even conscious that we are in distress..” MSC helps us to pay attention to the moment when suffering and pain are arising in our system”. Mindfulness helps us to get disentangled from the way we get stuck in pain. It allows us to pull back a little and see clearly what is happening. Our body helps. My breath – that is happening right now, my heart beat is happening right now in this moment. “

Common Humanity: “We don’t do this human gig alone. We all struggle, we all experience pain. We tend to become isolated when we experience pain. It feels like it is just you suffering. One of the components of MSC is the awareness and the understanding that we do not suffer alone. “

Self Kindness: “The simple definition of MSC is treating ourselves as we would treat a beloved. The idea is to turn the goodwill we afford others to ourselves. Self kindness is the way to meet the usual self judgement and self criticism with a different kind of voice. “

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